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Kathakali is a unique art form of Keralam, India. As an art form, Kathakali combines dance, music and rhythm. 'Thouryathrikam' is a sincere effort from our part to lead the unlearned but enthusiastic Kathakali viewer to the threshold of this enchanting art form. 'Thouryathrikam' brings before you a panoramic view of the characters often presented, their costumes, make-up and ornaments, complimentary percussion instruments,the ragas and other technical details.
Form : Documentary Feature
Genres : Educational, Dance, Fantasy, Culture, Art
Language : English and Malayalam
Runtime : 01 hr : 17 min : 20 sec
Country : India
Banner : Chazhikkunnathu Productions
Release : September 15, 2009
Shooting Format : DVCAM
Exhibition Formats (PAL) : DVD, MiniDV, VCD, DVCAM
Print : Color, Stereo
Aspect Ratios : 1:33 (4x3 Video)
Film Sound : LTRT