About RF Generator

Attention: Google Chrome Users

Plug-in Configuration in Google ChromePlease note that the [PRINT] button in the tool will not give you the Print option window, if you are using the default plug-in available in Google Chrome. Open the about:plugins page (Copy-paste the code in the address bar and hit enter.) and disable the default Flash player plugin, i.e. gcswf32.dll. Install the official Flash player plug-in from the Adobe website. Refer the image for more details.

Release Form GeneratorRelease Form Generator (RF Generator) is a free web based application which will help photographers to generate Model Release Form, Minor Model Release Form and Property Release Form (which will be added soon). You may print the form directly from the web interface if the computer is connected to a printer OR may use a PDF printer (Eg: PDF Forge) to save it as a PDF for later printing.

STEP 1: Select the required form.
STEP 2: Enter the details of the photo-shoot.
STEP 3: Enter the details of the model.
STEP 4: Enter the details of the photograper.

After completing the above steps by filling-in the required information, you can preivew the document. If you are happy with the form, you may proceed to print by hitting the [PRINT] button OR if you need to make some changes, hit the [Back] button to do the editing. If you choose to print, the default print option window will pop-up. Select the required printer and hit the [Print] button on the print option window to start the printing process.


• Never heard of Model Release? Read this Wikipedia article on Model Release.
• When you need a Model Release Form? Read this BetterPhoto.com article.

Version History

Latest Version: v1.0 dated 30 June 2011
- Added an option to generate Model Release Form.
- Added an option to generate Minor Model Release Form.
- Created the web page for the application.
- Add an option to generate Propery Release Form.
- Add more form templates.
- Add help tips for each field.